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    Healthy food improves workout goals on 80%

    The "80-20 rule" says 20 percent goes to exercise and 80 percent goes to nutrition. Although most mistakenly perceive it to be the other way around. But it is essential to understand how 80 percent of nutrition plays a huge role in physical fitness. Both nutrition and exercise complement each other. This means that without regular exercise, you won't burn the calories of the food you eat, and without food, you won't have the energy you need to exercise.


    The "80-20 rule" is backed by science and should be followed if your goal is healthy and sustainable weight loss.However, this does not mean that 80 percent nutrition means that you continue to eat food all the time and only exercise some of the time. 80 percent nutrition means choosing the perfect combination of fiber, protein, carbohydrates, fat, vitamins, and minerals in food.



    Well, exercises with dumbbells without straining the spine will help you feel better and will not harm your health. Physical activity is a great way to strengthen your back and help the healing process, some exercises should be avoided. These include: standing press and heavy lunges.


    Training with tabata timer makes you more disciplined and your workout more effective. The Tabata protocol is a unique technique for burning fat. Tabata (or the Tabata protocol) is a type of short but very intense sports training.


    Drinking water during sports is necessary to prevent dehydration and loss of energy. But maintaining a water regime brings much more benefit to the body


    Properly selected shoes, or convenience first! During sports, not only you, but also your legs should breathe. Of course, sweat is a companion of physical exertion. And the problem is not how to avoid it, but where to put it.

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